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Diego Turrini

Photo Credits: Mirko Riazzoli

Who am I in a nutshell

I'm a theoretical astrophysicist and planetary scientist whose research interests revolve around the formation and evolution of planetary systems.

The overarching questions at the basis of my research are: what are the compositional signatures left by the processes shaping the birth of planetary systems? How are they altered by the interactions between the planets and their evolving surrounding environments? Which architectural characteristics of planetary systems can we use to shed light on which alterations affected the composition of individual planets?

I'm actively involved in multiple ESA and NASA space missions and contributed to a number of space mission studies, proposals and white papers. As a tool of the trade, I've a keen interest in scientific and high-performance computing and I'm the scientific responsible of the Genesis cluster at INAF.

I had the luck of learning from Angioletta Coradini: I can often be as irritating as her, hopefully sometimes I can also manage to be as good!

Present position

Researcher at the Turin Astrophysical Observatory (OATO) of the Italian National Astrophysics Institute (INAF). On transfer from INAF - Institute of Space Astrophysics and Planetology (IAPS).

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